Halloween 2016

Just a quick post to share my boys' Halloween (and costumes) with you. I hope you are having a spook-tacular day with your little ones. There is definitely a lot of excitement (and chocolate) around here!

My oldest decided he wanted to be a robber, so we threw together a simple DIY robber costume. We started with a striped shirt and black pants, and we added a felt mask (that I sewed using this pattern) and a dollar store black hat. We finished the look by adding a dollar sign (with fabric paint) to a bag we purchased at the dollar store.

My middle son decided to be Captain America. We bought a second hand costume, and I made a DIY Captain America shield from a dollar store frisbee and some duct tape. Easy peasy!

Finally, my youngest wanted to be a Power Ranger, and he borrowed a costume from a friend. He loves it, it cost me nothing, and it doesn't get much easier! lol

My boys all got to be exactly what they wanted to be, and they love their costumes. Isn't it great being a kid?

Happy Halloween from my family to yours. I hope you have a super-fun night, and eat lots of chocolate and treats. The tiny bars don't have any calories on October 31. I'm pretty sure I read that somewhere! ;-)

Gina (aka East Coast Mommy)

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