5 Tips for Establishing a Back to School Routine

The kids have been back to school for a few weeks now, but my boys and I are still working on settling into a back to school routine. This time of year comes with new classes, different after school activities, and the need for schedules that work for everyone. Most kids thrive on routine, and it makes a parent’s life a lot easier, so it is worth spending a little time right now to get things on track.

Here are 5 tips for establishing back to school routine:

1)  Establish a bedtime routine -- Sing a song, have a bedtime snack, take a bath and/or read a story. Find something that works for you and stick with it. A well-rested child will perform better in school and will be less prone to dinnertime meltdowns.

2)  Set up a family calendar -- I put everything on my calendar – appointments, gym and library days, hockey practices, etc… At one glance, I know what everyone needs for the day and where they need to be. I use an excel spreadsheet, but some people use wall calendars or magnetic calendars on the fridge. Choose something that works for you, and update it at the beginning of every month.

3)  Use your weekend to set yourself up for a successful week -- Catch up on laundry, do some cleaning, stock the fridge and pantry, and plan meals and lunches. I like to bake and cook things that I can stick in the freezer for lunches (like biscuits, banana bread, muffins, cookies and French toast) so that I can easily pop them in the boys’ lunch bags each evening.

4)  Sort through seasonal clothing -- Now is the perfect time to You may also want to sort through the Fall/Winter clothes. The days are getting cooler, so now is the time to figure out what needs to be purchased and what needs to be packed away.

5)  Try and do as much as you can the night before -- Make it a habit to lay out clothes, pack lunches, and organize backpacks. A little prep the night before will make mornings run a lot more smoothly.

All of these tips for establishing a back to school routine should help, but don’t forget to be patient with the kids. This time of year is exhausting for both parents and children, so a little understanding will go a long way.

Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)

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