No-Sew Superhero Cape and Cuffs

This summer, my boys and I had a "Superhero Day", and as part of the fun, we made Superhero Capes and Cuffs.  With Halloween around the corner, I thought today would be a perfect day to share our no-sew Superhero Capes (made from t-shirts) and our Superhero Cuffs (made from paper towel rolls).

To make the capes:

1) Start with an inexpensive t-shirt.  (I got mine at the dollar store for $3 each.)
2) Cut the sleeves off the t-shirt.
3) Open up the t-shirt, and cut one side off... being careful to leave the neck hole intact.  (Note: If the kids are going to be using the capes without adult supervision, you should cut the neck hole and fasten with velcro... and even with the velcro, adult supervision is recommended.)
4) Let the kids decorate their capes.  My boys used foam stickers, but fabric markers/paint would be fun too.

To make the cuffs:

1) Paint paper towel rolls.
2) Cut to the length of a cuff.
3) Cut a slit in the cuff.
4) Decorate with marker or stickers.

That's it!  My boys had a great time with their DIY Superhero Capes and Cuffs.  We set up an obstacle course on the front lawn, and had a fantastic day.  Do your little ones love Superheroes as much as mine do?

Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)


  1. Do you get a t-shirt in their size or adult size or what exactly?

    1. They were bigger than the size they take... but small enough that they wouldn't be a tripping hazard. Each boy had a different size.

  2. i like your idea!!!!!!


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