Summer Checklist {with free printable}... 2013 edition

Every year my boys and I put together a Summer Checklist of 50 fun things we plan to do during the summer.  It has become one of our favorite family traditions, and I love sharing the {free printable} with my readers.  Here is our list for 2013!

You can download a free 8 x 10 jpeg here, and you can download a free pdf version here.  I have also included some helpful info and links below.

 1)  Celebrate Canada Day or July 4th
 2)  Watch fireworks or attend a parade
 3)  Have a teddy bear picnic {click link for more info}
 4)  Go to a splash pad or swim in a pool
 5)  Host a “half” sleepover  
{click link for more info}
 6)  Go to a farmer's market
 7)  Visit the library
 8)  Make homemade bubbles 
{click link for more info}
 9)  Go fishing or hiking
10) Have family movie night – outside 
{click link for more info}
11) Paint rocks
 {click link for more info}
12) Make paper airplanes
13) Plant something and watch it grow 
{click link for more info}
14) Visit a wildlife park, farm or zoo
15) Build a fort
16) Create a simple backyard water park {click link for more info}
17) Play baseball or soccer
18) Make ice cream 
{click link to see how easy it is to make ice cream in a bag}
19) Go for a bike ride
20) Play “Simon Says” or “Tag”
21) Spend time at a cottage, beach or park
22) Do a science experiment 
{click link for more info}
23) Learn a newjoke or magic trick 
{click link for more info}
24) Go geo-caching 
{click link for more info}
25) Make cookies {click link for our favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe}
26) Play mini golf
27) See a play or visit a museum
28) Have a lemonade stand 
{click link for more info}
29) Try a new food
30) Have a Pirate Day 
{click link for more info}
31) Camp in the backyard 
{click link for more info}
32) Have a PJ day
33) Put on a puppet show
34) Make a summer reading list
 {click link for more info}
35) Build an obstacle course 
{click link for more info}
36) Have a dance party in the living room
37) Go on a scavenger hunt 
{click link for more info}
38) Craft a boat & float it down a river 
{click link for more info}
39) Have pancakes for supper
40) Play street hockey or hide-and-seek
41) Do a good deed
42) Play board games
43) Roast marshmallows and make smores
44) Write and mail a letter or postcard
45) Run in a race
46) Play with pool noodles 
{click link for more info}
47) Add your own
48) Add your own
49) Add your own
50) Have ice cream for supper! 
{click link for more info}

I hope you print out a copy of this list and play along with us this summer. What is the one "must do" item on your list each year?

Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)

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PS - You can find our 2012 list here and our 2011 list here.


  1. I love this list - thanks for posting!

  2. Great list! I just made one too for my free monthly printable (for my newsletter subscribers). I'm quite impressed that while we both have 50 items on our lists, they both have so many unique ideas! Who knew summer could be so fun! ;)

    1. Summer is the greatest! I will pop over and take a look at your list. Maybe we will have to add a few more to ours. :-)

  3. Great summer checklist, Gina! I'd love to get this printed, but is there any way to change the background? I'm just worried that my printer won't do so well with all those colors because I'm a little low in the ink department.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Hi Shelley.

      I actually got mine printed at a photo developing place. It looks great, and it didn't use up all the ink in my printer.

      Another alternative would be to print our list from last year. It has a lot less color. You can find it here:

  4. Love your list. I just added it to my collection of over 2,000. Have a great summer, let us know if you are able to finish them all. Traci


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