Artwork Storage Solutions

Ever wonder what to do with all the artwork your kids bring home from school?  It is easy to become sentimental about it, and before long, it becomes overwhelming.  But don't worry, I am here to help.  :-)

Honestly, a lot of the artwork in this house ends up in the garbage.  (Shhhhh!  Don't tell my boys.)  I do, however, keep the more "special" pieces.... you know the ones... handprints, mother's day cards/drawings, and the ones the boys are "extra" proud of.

Here is a marble painting my 5 year old did in Art class. I framed it and hung it in his room.  He is really proud of his framed masterpiece.

Here are some other great ideas for the avalanche of artwork that kids create:
  1. Create a "made by me" gallery of framed artwork.  Switch out the artwork as the kids create new favorites.  (You could use frames or decorated clipboards.)    
  2. Get a file box for each child.  Create a file for each years' projects.
  3. Scan or photograph the artwork and keep electronic files -- they take up a lot less space.
  4. For the artwork that ends up on your fridge, why not make these easy and super cute magnets

What are some of your best Artwork Storage Solutions?


    Gina (aka East Coast Mommy)

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    1. Love the file box idea!!! I need to try that. :) Thanks for the visit!

    2. Great post! Thanks for stopping by!

    3. My idea - recycling larger paintings / drawings as gift wrap for the family. It makes for unique wrapping and the grandparents especially think it's great and give the kids heaps of praise for their art.


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