Super Summer Checklist

We had our first sunny day yesterday, and it got me thinking (and excited) about summer.  I LOVE summer!  So.... I made a "to do" list today... and it doesn't involve cleaning the dust bunnies out from under my couch.  :-)  Here is a list of:

50 fun things the boys (including my handsome husband whenever possible) and I are going to do this summer.

1) Celebrate Canada Day
4)  Go to a splash pad
5)  Swim in our blow up pool
6)   Go to a farmer's market
7)   Go to the library
8)   Make homemade bubbles
9)   Play pirates
11) Collect shells at the beach
12) Build a sandcastle
13) Swim in the ocean
14) Visit a wildlife park
16) Run through the sprinkler
17) Play baseball
18) Play soccer
19) Ride our bikes
20) Take a ferry boat ride
21) Spend time at a cottage
22) Do a science experiment
23) Watch fireworks
25) Make cookies
26) Play mini golf
27) See a play
29) Make play dough
30) Play hopscotch
31) Camp in the backyard
32) Take a trip to Halifax
33) Take a trip to PEI
34) Play with our giant Frisbees
37) Go on a scavenger hunt
38) Make a summer craft
40) Play street hockey
41) Visit a museum
42) Attend the Antigonish Highland Games 
43) Paint with chocolate pudding
44) Have ice cream for supper
45) Roast marshmallows 
47) Mail a letter
48) Take a bubble bath
49) Have pancakes for supper
50) Have a PJ day

The boys decorated our lists, and we bought some cheap frames at the dollar store.  Every time we do something on the list, they "check" it off by putting a sticker over the number.  This is already so much fun!

You can download a pdf version of our list here.

What is your favorite summer activity?  Did it make my list?

Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)

PS...**You can find the 2013 version here.**

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  1. Found you thru Today's Creative Blog on fb!! Love your site! I'm you newest follower ;)

  2. Thanks so much for linking this up at my Summer Fun party! I'm hoping to do something similar (I actually picked up a frame for our list already) but I needed ideas for activities. I'll definitely be using some of yours.

    Laura @ Come Together Kids

  3. Great list!!Love it!! I have 2 little boys and these are perfect!!

  4. Hope it's okay - I used this for inspiration for my newest project! thanks so much!

  5. Great list! We stop in Antigonish every year on our way to and from Moncton from NL! Hoping it's on a Saturday this year to check out the farmer's market!

  6. What about cleaning the house and yard! Haha, just kidding.

    This is a great list, thanks for taking the time to construct it. I am going to print it now!

  7. My son would love painting with pudding. What wonderful list!

    1. My oldest thought it was hilarious! lol

      You should check out this year's list. You can even print it off for free. :-)

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