High-end FALL decor made using DOLLAR STORE supplies (in LESS than 5 minutes!)

I love simple seasonal decor... and these ideas are budget-friendly, easy, and super cute. They all look high end, and no one would ever guess they came from the dollar store. You are going to LOVE these dollar store FALL DIYs!

The inspiration for these projects came from these adorable Dollarama window clings I found a couple of weeks ago. I absolutely love them!

The red truck was my favourite, and I knew it would make an adorable piece of Fall artwork. I picked up this floating glass from at the dollar store, arranged the window clings between the two pieces of glass, and put the frame back together.

Didn't it turn out cute?!?!

I also used the window clings with a dollar store vase and candles. I filled the vase with popcorn kernals, inserted a candle, and added window clings to the outside of the glass. 

I think this is a really clever piece of decor, and because I didn't use any glue or adhesive, I can change up the vase later.

I also created a similar piece of decor with a larger vase. For this one, I didn't use any window clings, but I set it on top of a dollar store candle holder that I painted with white chalk paint.

I also found this iridescent vase and fake wheat at my local dollar store. The vase is very "on trend", and I love this colour for Fall.

Doesn't it look high-end with the print I designed? (PS-You can download this print for FREE here.

Here's a look at all the projects together. Pretty great for DIYs that take less than 5 minutes!

Get a closer look at all the Fall dollar store DIYs in the video below.

Which is your favourite? I think the window cling artwork is mine. I love that I can easily reuse the frame for Halloween and Christmas. All I need to do is change out the window clings. It doesn't get easier and/or more budget friendly!

Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)

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