6 NEW dollar store finds and DIYs for FALL and HALLOWEEN

I love budget-friendly seasonal / holiday decor, and today I have some fantastic dollar store finds and DIYs for Fall and Halloween. A few of the pieces are multi-functional... and they are all easy, inexpensive, and super cute. I even created a YouTube video that will allow you to get a closer look at everything!

1) Multi use Book Stack - I found this faux book stack at the dollar store, and I knew I could easily make it a reversable version that would work for Fall AND Halloween.

I covered the existing words with a couple of coats of white chalk paint, and then I added the words "farm fresh pumpkins" that I printed on my Cricut. I added a bit of twine and a yarn pom pom pumpkin. Cute, right?

Then, I flipped around the book stack and added the words "spells and potions", which I cut out with my Cricut. I finished by sliding the twine to the opposite side, and adding a dollar store LED light.

2) Pumpkin with a gold stem - I love all the different styles of pumpkins that you can buy at the dollar store, but the one with the gold stem really caught my eye.

I also thought it would fun to give the orange pumpkin a "glam" Halloween makeover. I painted it with black paint from the dollar store (2 coats). Then, I used dollar store metallic gold paint to add polka dots. Didn't it turn out great?

It looks super-cute with the irridescent vase (from the dollar store) and a print I designed in a dollar store vase. You can download a FREE copy of the "Hello Pumpkin" print here.

3) Simple seasonal soap - I think this idea is genius. Peel the label from a dollar store soap dispenser, and add a seasonal window cling. It's simple, but looks great!

4) Seasonal candles - Window clings can also add a seasonal flair to candles... in just a few seconds.

They stick easily to most surfaces, but you could use a bit of glue if you want them extra secure.

5) Inexpensive wall hangings - You can also make inexpensive wall hangings with dollar store window clings and stickers.

6) Front door wreath - I made this adorable floral decor for my front door using a dollar store bucket and dollar store sunflowers.

I used my Cricut to apply a design to the front of the bucket, I inserted a piece of floral foam, and I added the flowers (one at a time). I absolutely LOVE how it turned out... and it's easy to switch out the flowers for various seasons.

For a closer look at all these dollar store finds and DIYs, check out the YouTube video below.

Which of these projects is your favourite? I think mine is the book stack because it can be used for Fall AND Halloween. I love anytime I can save money, time, and storage space.

Gina Bell
 (aka East Coast Mommy)

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