*NEW* DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas (made using DOLLAR STORE supplies)

Mother's Day is coming up, and it's time to start thinking about getting a gift for the special lady / ladies in your life. Today, I have FIVE fantastic Mother's Day gift ideas that are super-cute, thoughtful, and budget friendly. They use almost all dollar store supplies. I even made a video to let you see how simple they are to make.

1) Chocolate bar bouquet - I absolutely love this idea. I started with a dollar store pot, chocolate bars, dowels, and floral foam. 

Then, I used hot glue to attach dowels to the backs of chocolate bars.

I used my Cricut to add words to my pot, but this step is optional.

To finish my bouquet, I placed a piece of floral foam in the pot, inserted the chocolate bar "flowers", and filled in the blank spaces with tissue paper.

2) Personalized candle - This is an adorable personalized gift, and a great way to upgrade a dollar store pillar candle.

To make it, I printed a photo on my picture, cut it out, and positioned it on the candle. Then, I covered the picture with wax paper, and applied heat with my heat gun. I let it cool for 5 minutes and then peeled off the wax paper. That's it!

Note: The picture is paper, so if you aren't just going to use it for decorative purposes, make sure you only burn it until you reach the top of the picture.

3) Gorgeous Faux Flower Arrangement - Fake florals can look cheap, but with a little effort they can look high end. I started with these dollar store roses and dollar store milk jug.

I added some twine and beads to the milk jug, separated the flowers, and arranged them until the bouquet looked full and beautiful.

4) Custom Cutting Boards - These dollar store cutting boards are inexpensive and great for DIYing.

On one of the cutting boards, I used a wood burning tool to trace out one of my son's drawing. On the other one, I added a vinyl monogram and ribbon bow. I think they both make great gifts!

5) Unique dollar store find - You can always find unique items at the dollar store, and it's fun to "gift" them in a creative way. Recently I found this "wine buddy" cooler, and I absolutely love it!

I put a bottle of wine in my portable cooler, and poped it in dollar store basket. Then, I added a bag of chips (for the dollar store), and it's ready to go!

For a closer look, check out the YouTube video I made here.

Aren't these Mother's Day gift ideas fanstastic?

Let me know which one you like the best. I think the candle might be my favourite, but they are all fantastic.

Happy Mother's Day!

Gina Bell
 (aka East Coast Mommy)

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