5 EGGcellent Easter DIYs 🐰 They look high end (but are made with dollar store supplies)

I love crafting with inexpensive materials... especially during the holidays. Today, I'm sharing five fantastic Easter DIYs you are going to love. They are easy to make, budget friendly, and super cute! No one will ever guess they only cost a few dollars to make.

1) Bunny topiary - I am obsessed with this adorable Easter craft. I added a bunny face to a dollar store tin bucket. I used my Cricut to make a vinyl decal, but if you don't have a Cricut, you can use sharpies, stickers, or paint. Then, pop a dollar store plant into the bucket, and insert bunny ears into the greenery... securing with hot glue. (Note: I used scissors to the cut the bunny ears from a headband.)

2) Easter cutting board - I purchased a dollar store cutting board turned it over, and painted the back (which is what I used as the new front) pink. 

Then, I used hot glue to attached a bit of checkered ribbon to the bottom and a bit of twine to the top. 

Add a cricut decal or paint, and that's it! I also added a pom pom tail to my bunny... but that's totally optional.

3) "Carrots 4 Sale" sign - I found this wi-fi password sign at my local dollar store, and I knew I could make it into something great. 

I flipped it over and painted the back white. (Again... the back becomes the front.)

Then, I added the words "carrots 4 sale" using a Cricut vinyl decal. (If you don't have a decal, you can use a marker, stickers, or paint.)

Finish by using hot glue to attach dollar store carrots, and tie a piece of ribbon through the hole at the top.

4) Personalized Easter basket - I found these adorable buckets at the dollar store, and I thought they would be even cuter if they were personalized.

I added a decal I made with my Cricut, attached it to the bucket, and added tissue paper and plastic bunny eggs (which were also from the dollar store). Cute, right?!?

5) Jelly bean jar - I used a Rae Dunn inspired font to create this decorative jelly bean jar. I found this lidded jar at the dollar store, filled it with dollar store jelly beans, and added the words "Jelly Beans" with my Cricut.

How cute are these 5 DIYs? I absolutely love them all, but the bunny topiary is my favourite. What do you think?

For a closer look at how I made these 5 Easter crafts, check out my YouTube instructional video here:

I hope you liked these easy and inexpensive Easter crafts. I hope I've inspired you to head to the dollar store, stock up on supplies, and make something great!

Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)

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