Birthday Letter to My Oldest Son on his 13th Birthday

Every year I write my boys letters on their birthdays. It's my way of celebrating them and documenting their personalities as they grow another year older. I hope that some day my boys will look back at their letters and know how much I love and appreciate everything that makes them special and unique. Today, I am sharing my letter to my oldest son on his 13th birthday.

Dear Cameron,

I can't believe you are a teenager. It seems like only yesterday you depended on me for everything, and now you are becoming an independent young man. It really is bittersweet for me. I'm super-proud of the wonderful human you are... but I hope you still need me a little... at least for a few more years. 😉

Here are a few things that make you special:

  • You are resilient. This year was tough for you as you struggled with a recovering from a broken collarbone. I know you are missing the sport you love, but I admire your dedication to recovery. You go to all your hockey practices and games to support your team (even though you can't get on the ice), you never miss your physio, and you are doing whatever you can to keep fit. I love your resilience and dedication.
  • You have great friends, which is a testament to your kindness and your ability to make good choices.
  • You work hard in school, love to play the guitar, and live to watch and play hockey.
  • You love hanging out with family... especially your brothers and your cousins. Nothing makes me happier than listening to you and your brothers playing mini sticks... even if close games sometimes end up in a fight. lol
  • Peanut butter sandwiches are your favourite, you love chocolate chip cookies, and Auston Matthews is your hero.
  • You have a kind heart. This year you started a summer business making jars of cookie ingredients, and you gave $1 from the sale of every jar to charity. You made over $100 for Cystic Fibrosis.
You may be a teenager, but you will always be my baby. I love you to the moon and back!

Mom xo


  1. How nice Gina, you're a super mom and I Admire you!


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