15 Fantastic FAMILY GAMES (everyone will love)

I always enjoy a good family board game, don't you? It's a wonderful way for kids and parents to spend time together. Today, I am sharing a list of 15 fantastic family games that everyone will love (in no particular order). Which ones do you love playing with your family?

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1) Jenga - The rules of this one are simple... take a block from the bottom and put it on top (without making the tower topple over).

2) Skipbo - This card game is portable, and it is one of our family's favourites. It involves a little bit of school, but it is easy enough for children to play.

3) Uno - This is a classic card game that is sure to be a hit with parents and children of all ages. It's portable and fun!

And how cute is this Harry Potter edition?

4) Sorry - This is a classic board game with simple rules. The goal is to be the first person to get your men around the board.

5) Trouble - Who doesn't remember "popping the bubble" of a kid? This classic game has been around forever, anyone can play it, and it's lots of fun!

6) Sequence - This game combines a board game and a card game into a wonderful strategy game. It's recommended for ages 7 - adult... so it's family fun for all ages.

7) Clue - This is a classic mystery game where you try to find out the who committed the crime, where it was committed, and the weapon that was used. My boys love this one!

8) Spot it - Between two cards there is only one match. Spot it fast to win!

9) Battleship - This is a classic game that the whole family will love. Simply sink all your opponents battleships to win.

10) Blokus - The perfect fast-paced strategy game. It's easy to learn and great for families.

11) Yahtzee - This simple dice game is fun for families. Kids love shaking the dice and using the score pads.

12) Monopoly - Buy and sell your way to riches with this classic game that should be party of every board game collection. There are many versions, but I'm partial to the traditional one... though I hear the Monopoly Cheaters Edition is a lot of fun!
13) Wizard - This card game is inexpensive, portable, and fun. It's the ultimate game of bidding and winning tricks. 

14) LCR - This inexpensive dice game is so small you can pop it into your purse. Fun to play anywhere / anytime.

15) Pass the Pig - This game requires strategy, skill and luck. It's basically a dice game, but you are rolling "pigs". Fun, right?

Did your favourite board game make my list? Leave your favourite family board game in the comments. I'm always looking for recommendations and new ideas for family fun!

Gina (aka East Coast Mommy)


  1. oooh we love love love games - great list lady, thanks!

  2. A couple of our favourites you didn’t mention are:
    Shut the box
    Monopoly deal
    Exploding kittens

  3. We love Uno and SkipBo. Have you tried Dos? It's the new game from the creators of Uno -- a little trickier but super fun.

  4. We have many of these but we also love to play Phase 10!

    1. I don't know that one. I'll have to check it out!

  5. We enjoy many of the games on your list but our favourites include Ticket to Ride and Phase 10. My kids are now 11 and 17 and we play these together regularly.

    1. Fun! I'll check those out. Nothing better than playing games with the kids.


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