Simple Mother's Day Craft For Kids

When it comes to Mother's Day gifts, store bought options are wonderful, but no mom can resist the beautiful handmade treasures lovingly crafted by her children. Check out this adorable DIY Mason jar vase and flowers that children can easily make for their moms.

Start with a clean, empty jar.

Then, use Mod Podge to cover the jar with small squares of tissue paper.

Finish by letting the Mod Podge dry completely.

You can put a battery operated votive in the jar, you can add real flowers, or you can fill the jar with handmade flowers.

I like the idea of making flowers from card stock, adding a picture to the centre of one of the flowers, and using paper straws for stems. The result is simple and adorable!

You could also add a cute tag to your jar vase.

To download the tag I designed: right-click on one of the photos below, save it to your computer, and print it like a regular 4X6 photo.

Cute, right? Happy Mother’s Day to all the lovely, hardworking ladies doing their best every day to make the world a better place. You are awesome!

(aka East Coast Mommy)


  1. Mother's day is an important day to celebrate the love of mothers. This is simple and easy to make craft. I will make this with my students of grade one.

  2. Nice to know that there are doing that to our food. I guess anything you eat the skin, buy organic or pesticide free, anything you peel than it is not necessary.

  3. mom's day is an crucial day to celebrate the love of mothers. This is easy and easy to make craft. i'm able to make this with my students of grade one.


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