DIY Drums Kids Can Make From Recycled Cans

Isn't making a musical instrument something that should be part of every person's childhood? It's a wonderful way for kids to be creative, learn about music, and explore the science of sound. Today, I am sharing the instructions for a darling set of drums that my 9 year old made as part of class project. I think he did an excellent job crafting three drums made from tin cans.

To make the tin can drums, my son started by collecting the supplies he needed: three empty tin cans (cleaned with the tops removed), colourful balloons, painting supplies, and elastic bands.

Then, he carefully painted each drum with acrylic paint. (He did a couple of coats to make sure the colours were vibrant.)

Once the tin cans were dry, he cut the tops off the balloons and stretched them over the tops of the tin cans. The elasticity of the balloons holds them in place, but to make the surface tighter, he secured the balloons with elastic bands.

Check out the sound of the drums when he hits them with dowels. Cool, right???

I think this is a perfect project for a rainy day, don't you? I hope you make one (or more) of these fun tin can drums with your little ones. If you do, let me know how they turn out!

 (aka East Coast Mommy)

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