Shirt and Tie Father's Day Card

Father's Day is a time to let the special men in our lives know how much we love them, and Father's Day wouldn't be complete without heartfelt handmade cards and gifts. Today, I am sharing an adorable "shirt and tie" Father's Day card that will definitely delight Dad!

To make this colourful and fun Father's Day card:

1) Fold a piece of coloured card stock in half.
2) Cut a small slit on each side (at the top of the paper). The size of the slits will depend on the size of your paper. My paper was 9"x12" and my slits were 1 1/4" on each side.
3) Unfold the card, and cut along the fold until you reach the slit.
4) Cut the top off the back of the card at the same level as the slits.
5) Fold the top of the card to create a shirt colour.
6) Cut a piece of scrapbook paper into the shape of a tie, and glue it to the front of the card.
7) Use white glue to attach small buttons to the corners of the collar.

Need a little more instruction? You can check out a short video here: 

Cute, right? And, you can experiment with different colours of card stock and scrapbook paper.

Kids will love creating their own versions and adding special notes and messages to the inside.

Do you have a favourite colour combination? I love how the bright colours and patterns make these cards cheerful and perfect for giving to Dad on Father's Day. And if you are looking for MORE ways to make your sweet guy feel special, you should check out this post where I have gathered some of my favourite Father's Day ideas all in one place.

Gina (aka East Coast Mommy)

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