Teaching Children to do Laundry... including a printable chore chart

Keeping up with my boys and their busy schedules is always a struggle, and the constant mountain of laundry they create doesn't help. I can't stop my hard-playing boys from getting sweaty and playing in the dirt... but I can teach them to help me get their clothes clean. Today, I am sharing some tips and tricks for teaching kids to help with the laundry, and I have created a handy laundry chore chart that breaks down tasks by age.

It's important to get kids involved early, and it is necessary to set them up for success by giving them age appropriate chores. Below, you will find a laundry chore chart that breaks down the laundry tasks (by age) in a way that allows children to build on their skills as they get older and more responsible.

To download a copy of this chore chart for free: right-click on the picture below, save it to your computer, and print it like a regular 8X10 photo.

Young children (age 3 to 5) enjoy helping, and it is a good time to get them involved in the laundry process. They can easily put their clothes in the hamper. Encourage them to get the laundry ready for the hamper... separate the pieces, make sure the clothes aren't inside out, and empty the pockets.

As children get older (age 6 to 9), they can start to take on more responsibility when it comes to doing laundry. They can decide what is dirty and what can be re-worn... i.e. not everything has to be thrown into the laundry hamper! They can also help by matching socks, learning to fold (even thought it may not be the neatest), and carrying their clothes to their room(s).

At around age 10, mature children can really start taking their laundry assistance to the next level. Lessons on sorting and washing can begin, and they can start learning to put away their laundry in an organized way. Writing out instructions on how to use the washer, and letting the kids use laundry pods makes the job a little easier.

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Do your kids help with the laundry? I'd love to hear your tips/tricks for getting them involved. Leave a comment below, or share your fresh experience with me online using #AHFreshPerspective.

(aka East Coast Mommy)

*Disclosure: I received compensation as part of my affiliation with Arm & Hammer .... however (as always) the opinions on this blog are 100% my own... and my love for products that save me time and money is real. I only ever promote products that my boys and I like and believe in.


  1. I think it's so important to start early! There's nothing wrong with teaching them responsibility from the get go.

    Love the chore chat too! What a great idea.


  2. Yes, it is very important to get children involved in doing home chores. Afterall doing laundry is not difficult. Your articles are always different. Much love!

  3. Awesome details, many thanks to the writer. It is incomprehensive to me now, but in common, the effectiveness and importance is frustrating. Thanks again and fantastic luck!

  4. Great post! I've pegged this to sit and have a discussion with our daughter. I'm sure many could use the help of their children as I know my nephew does this to help his parents.

  5. I totally agree to this that kids should understand and learn to do their chores atleast so that they realise its value that what it takes on to work and be responsible.


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