Homemade Kites

What is more fun on a beautiful fall day than getting outside and flying a kite?  Making your own kite out of a brown paper bag is lots of fun and super easy.  My boys loved it!

Here is how we did it:

1)  Decorate the paper bag. 

2)  Use a hole punch to make four holes (two on each side of the opening of the bag).  We used little stickers to reinforce the area around the holes and make them a little stronger.

3)  Use two pieces of string (equal in length), and tie one end around each hole.  See below.

4)  Hold the two loops (the middle of each piece of string), and tie them together using a long piece of string.  Wind the other end around a popsicle stick.  {This will be what you hold onto when you are flying your kite.}

That's it!  Add a little wind, and you are ready to fly your homemade kite.

Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)


  1. What did you use for the tail and how did you attach it?

    1. We just attached a few streamers with tape. :-)

  2. hi i am just checking in. i have visits with my son at mcdonald's for 2hours a week. i am going to premake these bags a little bit. it won't be messy or involve glue and such so we can do these at the playplace there. thanks for the idea - i will let you know how it goes. thanks, a loving and grateful mom, kate

  3. How long of a string? and what kind?


    1. It doesn't really matter. It doesn't fly way up in the air like a regular kite. I just made a bunch using yarn, and they worked well.

  4. Was the paper bag 'lunch' size or 'supermarket' size? Looks great and will use for a summer craft as March weather was too unpredictable


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