Lunch Box Notes

My oldest son is in grade one, and sometimes I think he feels left out of the fun I have at home with my younger two boys. One way I try to brighten his day is by putting little notes in his lunch box. I think it reminds him that we are thinking about him when he is at school.

Note:  My little guy doesn't eat much lunch.  I am not starving him.  I promise.  :-)
Here are 5 of my favorite "lunch box note" ideas:

1) Make your own notes. A fun little "post it" with a note from mom will make your little one's day. It really doesn't have to be fancy... just heartfelt. :-) I made my own on my computer (an easy to print black & white version with the option of adding your own sticker). If you want a copy, you can download it here.

2) Use print-your-own "fill in the blank" notes. I really like these notes from Make and Takes. They are both free to download and are super cute.

3) Use print-your-own "joke" cards. Here is a cute "free" version from Darling Doodles. My son loves these jokes and sharing them with his friends.

4) Send a picture. A picture says a thousand words, and a picture in his lunch will remind your little one about his/her family or a fun time you shared together.

5) Purchase pre-printed notes. These ones from Little Jots are sweet. I love that they come with "hug" and "kiss" stickers.

These are my ideas for lunch box notes, but I would love to know yours. What do you do to make your little one's lunch a special part of his/her day?

Gina (aka East Coast Mommy)


  1. Thank you for including my lunch note printables! : ) Though I must admit I like the photo idea best - it's so sweet!

  2. Fantastic! Another idea is jokes. My oldest is such a ham and loves telling jokes. I bought a joke book and printed out some of the jokes with answers to put into his lunch. When he came home at the end of the day he would tell me the joke! Such fun!

  3. I like all the other ideas, and thanks for sharing my lunch box notes. Although Tip Junkie didn't make them, I did over on my blog Darling Doodles. Tip Junkie just featured them. I'm glad your son likes them, I have a Halloween version if you want to check them out too!

    Brie from

  4. Great ideas!! SO cute!! Love notes are the best :) Thanks so much for linkin up with us! We appreciate it!

  5. Great ideas! This is such a sweet and lovely thing a mother can do for her child to show how much she cares and loves it. Wonderful!


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