DIY Pirate Party

I have three boys, and Pirates are VERY popular in our house.  So... for my oldest son's fourth birthday, we had a really easy DIY Pirate Party.

The cake was my son's favorite part.  I made it using a few modifications to the one I found here.  It was super simple, and I think it turned out pretty cute.

When the guests arrived, they were given a Pirate Treasure Map {which you can download here}.  They had to complete each task, and at the end, they got their own little treasure.

Task #1 - Make a Pirate Treasure (necklace).  Everyone was given a piece of shoe string licorice and a bowl of fruit loops.  They strung them together to make a necklace.  Fun, eh?

My Pirate Birthday Boy
Task #2 - Make a Pirate Telescope.  To keep it easy, I made the telescopes ahead of time, so all the kids had to do was decorate them with markers and stickers.  (I covered a paper towel roll with black paper.  Then, I covered one end with plastic wrap, taped it, and hid the tape with a strip of yellow paper.

Final Task -- Get a Pirate Tattoo, and collect the prize (a treasure box filled with treats).  

I think this was a lovely, simple pirate party.  All the kids were busy, everything ran smoothly, no one cried, and a good time was had by all.  You can't ask for more than that! 

Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)

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  1. Super cute! Your cake turned out fabulous!

  2. Such a CUTE cake! My pirate would be sure to love it!

  3. I love the pirate party idea! I've got a little boy, too, so I'm hoping it will be a future party theme at my house.

    I found you through the Made By You Monday link party and am your newest follower. Come check me out, too, if you're interested @ Carissa's Creativity Space

  4. Great party East Coast Mommy! I also linked up a pirate party today! Love the telescopes!

  5. That cake is darling. I am about to redo my boys' room in a pirate theme, so this caught my eye. 3 boys in 3.5 I have two in a span of two years, and without coffee I am hot mess!

    If you have a moment today, please share this with my readers @Creative Juice Thursday Hope to see you there!

  6. What a great party! Love the pirate theme- and your boys are totally precious! I'm visiting from TT&J wrap-up party.

  7. Very great ideas. I actually have a Pirate Themed Birthday board on Pinterest, so your ideas really are perfect. Thanks for sharing them!

    Enjoy your weekend!
    LaVonne @ Long Wait For Isabella

  8. Beautiful pirate cake. Looks like a fun party.

  9. What website did you use to create the treasure maps? So cute!

    1. I made it myself using "Word". You can download it for free using the link in this post.


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