Birthday Letter to my Awesome Four Year Old

Today, my middle son turns four. (If anyone knows how I can slow down time, please comment below.)  

Here is our first picture together.


Last week (when my youngest turned two), I came up with the idea of writing "Birthday Letters" for each boy every year on their birthday.  Here is this year's birthday letter for my spunky, second born son.

Today you turn four.  I can hardly believe you have gotten so big, and I am happy that I still have one more year with you before you start "big boy" school.  We have a lot of playing and cuddling to do before then!  :-)

Here is a "snap shot" of what makes you the most special four year old in the whole world.
  • I love the way you say the color "lellow"
  • You idolize your big brother, and run to greet him with a big hug when he gets off the school bus.
  • You love your little brother -- you are buddies, and you love to play with him and teach him things.
  • You love to cuddle, and you need to sit on my lap when I read you stories.
  • You love playing sports.... anything with a ball or a puck.
  • When you watch "Super Why", you sing the theme song at the top of your lungs, and it makes me smile every time.
  • Sometimes, when you are trying to get my attention, you yodel.  (You are always making Daddy and I laugh!)
  • You love to sing and dance.  (Dancing to Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal is one of your favorites.  You always wear a black hat and take it very seriously.)
  • You love when Daddy tickles you. 
  • You love baking with Mommy.
  • You love playing cars with your brothers, and you want to be a race car driver when you grow up.  (I sure hope you change your mind and decide to do something less dangerous.)
  • You always cuddle your Blankie, suck your thumb, and play with your hair when you are tired. 
  • You have an adorable and infectious giggle.
  • You give big hugs and soft kisses.
Happy Birthday my little Owen B.!  Mommy loves you very much!

Love, Mommy xoxox


  1. Gina this is amazing.. i thinks i will start doing it too for my son.. he will turn 3 in Dec.. it will be a great memorie for them later.. u always have great ideas.. keep them comming..time will never slow down.. they grow so fast but we can always remember by just going back on the Birthday Letters..i know i will

    Thanks Jennifer

  2. Thank you for inspiring me. We have two boys and I always wanted to do something special on their birthday.
    I know they will enjoy the letters, and I will too :)
    You are a blessing.
    Thank you!


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