EASY Easter Desserts that are DELICIOUS and Guaranteed to Impress!

If you like EASY holiday desserts, you are going to LOVE the quick and delicious recipes I'm sharing today. I have short cuts to share... and a step by step video. Take a peek, and let me know which Easter dessert is your favourite!

1) No-bake Easter cheesecakes (from a mix) - Find the step by step instructions here.

2) Mini egg brownies (from a mix) - If you like a good short-cut, you are going to love this quick and easy Easter dessert. Check out the easy "how to" here.

3) Soft and chewy mini egg cookies - To make a delicious Easter cookie, all you need to do is add mini eggs to your "go to" chocolate chip cookie recipe. You can find mine here.

4) No-bake chocolate/oatmeal/coconut Easter cookies - These are my FAVORITE Easter cookies. They are the perfect chocolate cookie... and they are easy to make. Find my recipe here.

For a closer look (and more instructions) check out the 5 minute video I made below.

What's your plan for Easter dessert? I hope you try out some of my favourites!


Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)

***Find more Easter ideas here.

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