NEW Budget-friendly Christmas HACKS... including FREEBIES and dollar store DIYs

I absolutely love saving money during the holidays, don't you? Today, I have some fantastic HACKS for you--including freebies and dollar store DIYs. For more info, check out the video at the bottom of this post!

One of my favourite traditions is "The Polar Express" adventure my family goes on every year. I print tickets to the Polar Express, we grab cookies and hot chocolate, and we head to our van to tour around looking at Christmas lights. Then, when we get home, there are gold bells on my boys' pillows. Fun, right?

To grab your free "bell tags" and "Polar Express tickets": Click on the picture below, right-click, and print like a regular 4x6 photo.

Another fun HACK is to use dollar store supplies to create a DIY candy dish. I used a dollar store candle stick holder, the bottom of a clay pot, a round glass vase, and a cabinet knob. I spray painted the candle stick holder and clay tray red, glued it all together, and filled it with candy. I think it adds a nice bit of whimsey to the holidays.

This HACK is SUPER-EASY. Grab a dollar store cloche, add a bit of ribbon to the bottom, add an ornament and fake snow, and place it on a dollar store candle stick holder or riser. EASY PEASY!

How beautiful is this dollar store wreath? I wrapped a dollar store wreath form with a dollar store scarf. Then, I added some greenery and fake flowers. What do you think?

For a closer look at (and instructions for) these hacks, check out the YouTube video below.

Let me know what HACKS you like the best, and make sure to "like" my YouTube video and hit "subscribe". It means a lot to me and REALLY helps my channel.

Gina (aka East Coast Mommy)

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