The BEST dollar store finds and DIYs for FALL

I love saving money, so it's not surprising that I am always scouring the dollar store for fantastic deals, cool finds, and budget friendly DIY supplies. Today, I'm sharing five wonderful dollar store finds and DIYs for Fall. You are going to love these!

1) Budget-friendly FALL artwork - I absolutely LOVE this piece of Fall decor, and no one would ever guess that it's a FREE print in a dollar store frame! You can also pop the print onto a dollar store clipboard so it can easily be changed out for different seasons and holidays.

Grab your FREE "hello pumpkin" print here.

2) Fall pumpkins - I spotted these adorable Fall pumpkins in my local Dollarama, and I thought they were super cute. What do you think?

3) Reusable lunch containers - With Fall comes "back to school", and the dollar store has many options for reusable lunch containers. Here are two of my favourite options...


4) Affordable school lunch snacks - The dollar store has a large variety of affordable school lunch snacks. Stock up now to avoid scrambling the night before school starts. 🤣

5) Pool noodles and garland - I know it might seem strange to buy pool noodles for Fall, but they are the perfect DIY supply for creating Fall decor. I used pool noodles, dollar store garland, and a stick from my yard to make adorable (large) pumpkins for my home. Cute, right? You can find the step-by-step instructions here.

For a closer look at all five of these dollar store finds and DIYs for FALL check out my YouTube video below.

Do you love saving money on back to school items and seasonal Fall decor? Which is your favourite item on my list? 

Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)

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