THREE Boho Christmas Decor Pieces (that look high end and you can make for only a few dollars)

I am loving the boho trend that is popular right now, and it's popping up in a lot of my Christmas decor this year. It's cozy, unique, budget friendly and super cute. Check out three of my favorite DIY boho decor pieces below.

1) Tassel tree picture - How cute is this tassel tree picture that I made using a dollar store wooden canvas? I painted the inside of the frame red, taped it off, and painted the outside white. Then, I made tassels, glued them to the frame, and added embellishments and a beaded hanger. It's adorable, only cost a few dollars to make, and looks really high end. Find the full tutorial here.

And check out this "how to" video on YouTube.

2) Santa ornament - This is a fantastic boho craft that is fun for kids and adults. If you can cut and loop a piece of yarn, you can easily make this simple Santa. Find the step by step instructions here.

3) Yarn and Pom Pom Wreath - I love the simplicity of this red, white, and green wreath. The bottom is made with strips of yarn looped around a jute covered ring, and then pom poms are added to the top. Colours are totally customizable, and you don't need to be super-crafty to make this. It would be fun to make with a group of family or friends too! You can find all the step by step instructions here.

Are you a fan of boho decor? I think it's a fun and unique way to decorate for Christmas. Which of these three projects is your favourite? I think the tassel tree is mine, but I really do love them all!

Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)

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