A Birthday Letter to my Youngest Son on his 12th Birthday

Every year on my boys' birthdays, I write them a "birthday letter". My goal is to create an annual "written snapshot" that captures each boy's personality. I want my boys to know how much I love them, and how much a treasure EVERY year I get to be their mom. Today, I'm sharing the letter I wrote my youngest son today... on his 12th birthday.

My sweet "baby" boy,

As you turn 12, I realize that you are almost a teenager, but as my youngest son, you will always be my baby boy. 😀

I could never put into words how much you mean to me, but here are a few of the reasons you are so special to me:

* You finished your second year as a goalie, and I'm so proud of how far you have come. I'm proud of your skill improvement, but I am even more proud of the way you have learned to handle the stress and adversity that comes with the position. As a sensitive and competitive person, I know being a goalie isn't always easy, but you are growing with every practice and every game... and I'm super-proud of your effort.

* This is the second year that you are celebrating your birthday during a pandemic, and I am impressed (again) by the resiliency you have shown. You wore a mask, you had a few weeks locked down in our house without friends, you flipped from school -- to home school -- and back to school again. You followed the rules, and you kept a positive attitude. In fact, you seemed to enjoy the extra time at home with your family... especially when we turned our house into "fake Florida". 

* You tried "intensive French" at school this year, and you did great. You faced your fears and anxiety around public speaking and failure, and you thrived. You are really brave. 

You are extremely goofy and funny. Your quirky sense of humour keeps us all laughing. I love that you aren't afraid to be silly.

You love playing with your brothers, your cousins, and your friends. You especially love being active -- always up for any game with a ball or a puck.

You love to quietly observe situations, you are a great judge of character, and you ask insightful questions. 

Your favourite colour is green, you love hockey and golf, and your favourite foods are multi grain crackers, all dressed Crispers, and Froot Roll Ups.

You give the best cuddles and foot rubs.

As you turn 12, I hope you know that you are a very special boy. I'm so proud of the young man you are becoming, and I love you to the moon and back!


Mom xoxo

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