A Birthday Letter to My Middle Son on his 14th Birthday

When my boys were little, I started a tradition of writing them each "birthday letters" on their birthdays. I love that they will always have annual literary "snapshots" of their personalities as they grow into young men. Today, I am sharing the letter I wrote to my middle son for his 14th birthday.

My sweet boy,

I can't believe that my crazy, curly-haired, spunky toddler has turned into a giant 14 year old (who now towers over his mother). As you head to high school, I hope that you continue to be the same sweet boy (with the sparkle in his eyes). Here are a few of the things that make you the most special 14 year old in the whole world

* Even though you are taller than me (just shy of 6 feet), you still like to sit on my lap during movie night. It's not the most comfortable for me, but I will never ask you to stop. 😀

* You have a huge heart and continue to be one of the most sensitive, empathetic people I know. 

* You are soooo easy-going... until you come up against something you believe is not right. Then, you become super-stubborn. As a mother, it's not always easy to deal with, but I know it's a quality that will serve you well in life.

* You have a wonderful, positive attitude, a dry/mature sense of humour, and a fun spirit. You treat all people with kindness, and because of this, people love to be around you. You are a loyal brother, son, and friend.

* You enjoy being outside, and you really love playing basketball, golf, and hockey. You especially love being part of a team.

* You conquered another year living through a pandemic, and although you missed a bit of school and hockey, you took it all in stride. I think you actually enjoyed the extra downtime with your family.

You are strong-willed, helpful, "go with the flow", and kind-hearted. I'm so proud of the boy you are, and I look forward to seeing the man you will become. I love you to the moon and back!


Mom xoxo

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