Simple DIY Graduation Gift

It's graduation season, so lots of people are looking for easy and inexpensive ways to celebrate the special graduate in their lives. Recently, I made a bunch of these champagne glasses with graduation caps for my online shop, and I thought it would be helpful to share the tutorial in case you want to make your own. 

To make your own graduation cap glass cover:

1) Cut a strip of black card stock, wrap it around the top of a glass to get the correct measurement, and tape the ends together to form a circle.

2) Cut a square piece of black card stock, add a circle of hot glue to the bottom, and attach the card stock ring.

3) Make a tassel with embroidery thread, poke a hole in the top of the cap, insert the end of the tassel, and secure in place with a knot and a drop of hot glue. (If you need a tutorial on making tassels, check out the video I made with my boys here.)

You can place the caps on top of plain glasses, or you can use stickers or a Cricut to personalize your glasses. (I used some gold permanent vinyl to write "Class of 2021" on mine.)

You can also do beer mugs (which I think is kind of fun).

These glasses are perfect for toasting (just as they are), but they also make wonderful holders for candy or cash. Cute, right?!?

I think it's a fantastic gift for a highschool or university graduate, but it would be cute for a Preschool graduate too. Adults can toast with champagne, and young kids can fill their glasses with candies or milk. What do you think? Do you know someone celebrating a graduation this year? How are you celebrating?

Gina (aka East Coast Mommy)

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