10+ LAST DAY OF SCHOOL treats and gifts... including FREE printable tags

The last day of school is a special milestone for kids. Children spend a lot of time with their teachers and classmates, and it's important to celebrate these relationships. Bringing class treats and teacher gifts on the last day of school is a great way for kids to say goodbye.

Here are some of my favourite treat ideas for sharing with classmates on the last day of school. I've included edible and non-edible options, and they all have adorable FREE printable tags.

1) "CEREAL"sly cute treats - The little boxes of cereal are adorable when packaged with a spoon and the free printable tags I designed (which you can download here).

2) SWEET treats - Dollar store splash balls look like scoops of ice cream when you package them with ice cream cones. Wrap the sweet treats in cellophane bags, tie with curling ribbon, and add the tag that you can download here.

3) Dollar store balls and trinkets - Dollar store balls and trinkets make adorable treats when they are packaged in cellophane bags with "It was a BALL having you in my class!" tags (which you can download for free here). 

4) Bubbles or gum - Bubbles and gum make adorable class treats when packaged with "This year BLEW by." tags. You can download the tags I designed (for free) here.

5) Starburst Treats - My boys love these fruity candies, and they would jump at the chance to share them with their friends. They can be packaged in small cellophane bags with "I hope your summer is BURSTing with fun!" tags (that you can download here).


6) Crazy straws - Silly straws are inexpensive and perfect for summer. I love the idea of packaging them with these adorable cards I designed (which you can download for free here).

7) Cool treats - Summer is the the perfect time to indulge in cool treats, so freezies are wonderful for sharing with friends on the last day of school. You can download the "It was COOL having you in my class this year." tags for free here.

8) Happy face balls - These cheerful happy face balls make adorable last day of school class treats. You can download the "I'm happy you were in my class!" tags here.

Teachers love gift cards, but kids also like to give their teachers a thoughtful gift. I love the idea of coming up with practical gifts and cute packaging ideas for gift cards. Here are some of my favourite end of year teacher gifts.

9) Bath bombs and/or lip balms -  Bath bombs and lip balms are cute on their own or paired with a gift card. They make an even better gift when packaged with a punny tag that says, "You are the BOMB!" You can download these tags for free here.

10) Sweet treats - Goodies that teachers can eat or share with their families are always appreciated. You can purchase something, or you can bake some of your favourite treats. Don't forget to add the "Thank you for making my year so SWEET!" tags I designed (that you can download for free here). 

11) Kit Kats - Wish your teacher a wonderful "summer BREAK" with a Kit Kat bar, gift card, and the adorable punny tags I designed (which you can download for free here).

12) Orange goodies - What could be more refreshing than an orange summer drink? Make it extra special by adding an "ORANGE you glad it's summer?" tag (that you can download here). It makes a wonderful gift card holder too.

13) "Tote"ally awesome bag - What could be better for summer than a super-cute bag to carry books and summer treats? Just add a "Thanks for being a 'TOTE'ally awesome teacher!" (which you can download for free here).

14) DIY Cookie Mix - A cookie mix in a jar is an inexpensive (and useful!) teacher gift. It's even better with the FREE printable gift tags you can download here.

I love all of these class treat and teacher gift ideas, don't you? Are you ready for the last day of school? I hope you find these ideas helpful. Happy summer!

Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)


  1. Replies
    1. Me too! My boys decided to go for the straws this year, but I was hoping for the cereal. Maybe next year! :-)

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