Have a Sweet Summer (end of year treats and tags)

My boys love sharing treats with their friends on the last day of school, and today I am sharing three "sweet" class treat options with FREE printable tags. All three options are adorable, but you may want to base your choice on how much sugar you want to share.

The first treat may be a little too "sugary" for your taste, but does it really hurt to celebrate the end of the school with an extra special treat? I took an ice cream cone, topped it with a few small "scoops" of cotton candy, wrapped it in cellophane, and added an adorable little tag that I designed. Cute, right?

A less sugary option is to use a cone (like above), but instead of cotton candy, you can add a little sponge ball. My boys love this idea!

Or, if you just want to keep things simple, stick a few treats in a bag, tie it with a ribbon, and add the cute tag. Easy, peasy!

To download the tags I designed: right-click on the picture (below), save it to your computer, and print it like a regular 8X10 photo. I sent mine to my local copy store and had it printed on card stock for $.39 a sheet.

I can't believe the last day of school is just around the corner. It is always bitter sweet for my boys because they look forward to their summer break, but they miss seeing their friends every day. I think sharing a gift with their classmates on the last day of school makes the transition to summer a little nicer, don't you?

Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)

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