Simple Dr.Seuss Crafts and Activities for Preschoolers

Dr. Seuss has always been a favourite author in our house. We love the silly stories, lyrical language and rhymes. So, in celebration of Dr. Seuss's birthday (which is March 2), today I am sharing a few of our favourite Dr. Seuss crafts and activities. They are perfect for Preschoolers, but older children will like them too!

The Cat in the Hat is a fun story with lots of simple rhyming words. It's one of the first stories my beginner readers enjoyed reading on their own. This cat craft uses a paper plate and a paper hat full of stripes containing words ending in "at". Cute, right?

And this fun craft involves kids gluing strips of paper and a bow tie onto a simple, hand-drawn picture of the Cat in the Hat.

You can also make your own hat using the tutorial you can find here.

And is there anything cuter than incorporating a child's photo into a craft. With some simple shapes, and a picture of the child, it is easy to make a Thing 1 craft that kids will love. Scrunch up some 1 inch squares of tissue paper to make the hair.

The Lorax is another one of our favourites. You can't beat a story that focusses on being kind to the environment. Celebrate this story by going for a nature walk and sticking a newly broken branch in water and watching it bloom.

And you can't talk about Dr. Seuss without talking about "Green, Eggs, and Ham". This was always one of my favourite books to read to my boys. Find out how to make an adorable green eggs snack here.

And finally, check out these wonderful "One fish two fish" snacks and activities. It's simple to make "fish" sandwiches using fish-shaped cookie cutters... and don't forget to add a side of goldfish. 

You can also pretend to fish using a clothespin on a stick, paper fish, and gummy worms. My boys LOVED this!

You can also trace the child's hands to make this adorable "One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish" craft.

These Dr. Seuss crafts and activities are wonderful for celebrating Dr. Seuss's birthday... but they are fun any time. Grab your favourite book, and follow it up with one of these fun crafts or activities. Your kids will love it!

Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)

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