Ways to Make Christmas Magical for Kids

Kids won't always remember the gifts they receive, but they will remember the things their family does together every year. I've always enjoyed making Christmas magical for my kids, and today, I am sharing some of my favourite tips, tricks, and ideas. I hope you enjoy them as much as we have!

1) Polar Express - Every year, my boys and I go on a Polar Express adventure. They go to bed, find tickets on their pillows, and we head out in our van with hot chocolate and cookies to look at Christmas lights. Then, when they arrive home, they find bells from Santa's sleigh on their pillows. You can print FREE Polar Express tickets, and read all about this fun activity, here.

2) Magic Reindeer Food - Every year the boys and I make magic reindeer food. Then, on Christmas Eve, we sprinkle it on the lawn to make sure Santa's reindeer can find our house. You can get the receipt and FREE printable tags for magic reindeer food here.

3) Elf on the Shelf - We adopted our scout elf ("Elfie") many years ago, and he has been bringing magical fun to our family every year. He has done many fun things, which you can read about here, but we absolutely love when he brings Magic Elf Seeds. In the past, he has delivered magic elf seeds that grew into cookie pops AND magic elf seeds that grew into a candy cane garden.

4) Letters and Videos from Santa - Nothing epitomizes the magic of the holidays like the jolly guy in the red suit. So, of course, letters and videos from Santa are always exciting to receive. Our Elf on the Shelf often brings us our letters from Santa, and he lets us know when Santa has sent us special video messages.

5) Magic Santa Key - Several years ago, my boys were concerned about how Santa was going to get into our house without a chimney. Luckily, Santa left us a magic key, and he has never had any difficulties leaving presents. You can get your own FREE Magic Santa Key tag here.

In addition to the above, we also like to focus on the magical power of giving. My boys always buy gifts for each other, and they host a "writing a letter to Santa" fundraiser. How do you make the holidays magical for your family?

Gina (aka East Coast Mommy)

“Children see magic because they look for it.” 

Christopher Moore

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