Letter Writing to Santa Party

Every year, my boys host a "Letter Writing to Santa" party for charity.  They get everything ready, they charge people to come, and they give all the money they earn to Cystic Fibrosis.  This year, they had over 30 guests, and they raised $377.50.  It's an easy and inexpensive party theme that works great as a fundraiser, as a classroom party, or a simple gathering at home.  Here's how we did it....

1) We found a venue, and we made an invite/poster that included all the party details.

2)  We had a raffle for a small gift basket.

3)  We set up a cookie station with juice, water, and cookies.  We made our favorite ginger molasses and chocolate chip cookies.  {Click on the links to get the recipes.}

4)  We gave each guest supplies to write a letter to Santa.

5)  We gave each guest supplies to make a little craft. {You can find the tutorial for our simple gingerbread man ornament here.}

6)  We set up a reindeer food station so that all the guests could make reindeer food to take home.  {You can find all the printables you need to set up your own magic reindeer food station here.}

7)  Each guest received a Santa beard as a little gift that they could take home.  {You can download a free template for these Santa beards here.}

We had a lot of fun at our 4th annual "Writing a Letter to Santa" party, and I am super-proud of my little elves.

Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)


  1. What an amazing idea. I am definitely going to do this.
    Did you collect all the santa letters or did the children deliver them themselves through Canada Post?

    1. I did the party the day before the Santa Claus parade, so all the kids took their letters with them, and Canada Post collected them at the parade.

  2. What a thoughtful and praise worthy idea. Susan

  3. What a wonderful idea, your boys deserve quite the praise (as does their mom) for putting all this together. Sounds like a fun time for all, and to such a great cause.

    1. I'm pretty proud of them. Thanks for such a lovely comment. :-)

  4. The night began with a pleasant hostess who guided us to the bar area to grab a drink and even show us where it was the least crowded.

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