Class VIP

Today, I am sharing a cute activity that my first grader did with his class.  Every week, a student is selected as the class VIP. As the VIP, the child is able to fill out an "about me" page to share with the class, to bring a favorite book for story time, and to bring home a special stuffed animal from school (named "Andy"). 

The child is tasked with writing a story about his/her adventures with "Andy", and at the end of the week he/she is able to share the experience with the class.  Cute, right?

My middle son had the opportunity to be a class VIP, and it really made him feel special. It's also a great way to get children interested in reading, writing, and speaking in front of a group.

It's always amazing to see how a simple idea really gets a child engaged, don't you think? I love the idea of having a class VIP. Everyone needs to be a VIP some times, right???

Gina (aka East Coast Mommy)

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