Pumpkin Prize Punch (using dollar store supplies)

A few years ago, I came up with the idea to make a prize punch for one of my boys' parties. Since then, prize punches have become party staples for us. I have done party punches to match all of my boys' parties' themes, and today I am sharing a fun Halloween version. I love that you can make this festive pumpkin prize punch using inexpensive dollar store supplies.

To make this Halloween pumpkin prize punch you'll need: a piece of dollar store foam core, plastic cups, orange tissue paper, a glue gun, green card stock, and green curling ribbon.


Cut tissue paper squares slightly larger than the top of the cups. Fill the cups with trinkets, and then use hot glue to cover the tops of the cups with tissue paper. I use two squares per cup for added strength (and so the kids can't peek inside to see the prizes).

Next, you'll want to position the cups on the foam core (in a pumpkin shape), and use hot glue on the bottom of the cups to attach them.

Use glue to attach a card stock stem, and embellish with a bit of green curling ribbon (if desired).

Someone can hold onto the prize punch, or you can lean it up against a wall, chair, or tree. Then, kids can poke through the tissue paper to claim their prize.

I have been making prize punches for years, and they are always a huge hit with kids. I know my boys are going to love this Halloween version!

Gina (aka East Coast Mommy)

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