5 Tips for Back to School Clothes Shopping

Summer is almost over, and that means it's time for kids to head back to school. As the mom of three rough and tumble boys who are hard on clothes (and fussy about what they wear), I have learned a lot about smart back to school shopping. Today I am sharing some of my best tips for back to school clothes shopping with kids.

Here are 5 ways to get an A+ in back to school shopping:

1) Purge - At the end of summer, get rid of the clothes that the kids don't wear by donating or selling them. Also, make sure drawers only contain items that the children will wear during the current season.

2) Shop early - Back to school clothes should be purchased as early as possible to ensure the best selection of sizes and choices. As a mom who needs six pairs of sneakers each Fall (3 pairs of indoor shoes and 3 pairs of outdoor shoes), I've learned that getting organized early really helps to reduce my stress.

3) Involve the kids - If you let the kids help with the selection of their own clothes, you will only be spending money on the clothes that they will actually wear. My boys are fussy about colours, designs, brand names, and textures, so it makes sense to let them help shop for their own clothes. Check out the fantastic items my boys chose when I let them pick out something special at Sport Chek* for the first day of school.

My 11 year old loves hats and loves hockey, so I wasn't surprised when he chose this great Under Armour hat. It's high quality, and the size S/M fits his head perfectly!

My 9 year old is heading to a new school, and loves to collect (and carry around) "treasures and trinkets", so he was obsessed with getting a new backpack with lots of pockets. He couldn't be more excited about the new Under Armour backpack he picked out! 

My youngest loves hockey and will only wear soft, comfy clothes. He loves the texture and look of this fantastic Under Armour t-shirt... and I love that it matches his eyes!

4) Shop online - Shopping online allows you to research and shop without leaving the comfort of your home (without dragging your kids "who hate shopping" to the mall). SportChek.ca is a great choice because they have guaranteed footwear sizes, easy returns within 60 days, a large variety of brands, online shopping/research opportunities, and online customer service. There is also free in-store pick and and free shipping on orders of $99 or more. Sport Chek is a convenient one-stop shop.

5) Buy quality clothing and shoes - If you spend a little more on children's clothing, it will last, get worn, and save you money in the long run. I have three boys, and quality clothing gets passed down to younger siblings, and it still looks great. You can also resell brand name clothing on "buy & sell" sites or at consignment shops.

My boys are happy and ready for the first day of school!

I hope you find my tips helpful, and that you take some time to check out the fantastic, high quality, back to school styles available at your local Sport Chek store or online at SportChek.ca.

Gina (aka East Coast Mommy)

*Disclosure - I have partnered with YMC and Sport Chek and have received compensation for this post. All opinions in the post are my own.


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