How I Convince my Husband to Watch MY Shows on Netflix

With three young (and very active boys) our family is always on the go and very busy. It's often a struggle for my husband to go out together, so we do a lot of "at home" date nights. We'll order in food, or snuggle up and watch a show or movie at the end of the day. Our biggest problem then becomes: "Who decides what we watch?" We definitely have different tastes, so today I am sharing the THREE ways I convince my husband to watch MY shows on Netflix:

1) Careful Selection - When my husband and I first started dating, I convinced him to watch "Terms of Endearment" by telling him it was a comedy. Apparently, it wasn't his kind of movie, and it took years for him to trust my choices again. Lesson learned -- don't try to get your spouse to watch shows that you know he isn't going to like.

These days, I am much more careful with my suggestions. Recently, we have found some great selections that we both really enjoy. "Atypical" and "Ozark" are our current favourite binge-worthy shows.

2) Trickery/ Positioning - Phrases that work: "I heard this is really good", "This is a lot like that other show you like", "Let's try one episode, and if you don't like it, we won't watch any more."

3) Treats - When all else fails, bribing my husband with tasty sweet treats always works. Wine and chips work well too!

How do you convince your spouse to keep you company on the couch? What is your current favourite binge-worthy show?

(aka East Coast Mommy)

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  1. Great tips, my hubby and I also have somewhat different tastes in shows so I need to try!


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