2 hour Master Bedroom Refresh (for less than $350)

Sometimes rooms desperately need updating, even though time and money are in short supply. Our master bedroom was in dire need of some TLC, so I decided to take a couple of hours to do a simple refresh that cost less than $350.

Here is what our room looked like BEFORE. The bedding is old and faded, the light fixture is awful, the nightstands are full of clutter, there is only one lamp, and the windows are bare.

Here is what our room looked like AFTER. Isn't it much brighter and more welcoming?

The first thing I did was de-clutter. Then, my husband installed two curtain rods and a new light fixture. I added colourful bedding and pillows, hung light and breezy curtains, and changed the lampshades on some old lamps I had in my basement. Honestly, it took less than two hours for the entire project.

Here is how my budget broke down:

One new light fixture from Canadian Tire - $99.99

Two new lampshades from Walmart (that I added to some old lamps I had in my basement) - $23.96

Two new curtain rods from Amazon (affiliate link) - $33.58

Four new curtain panels from Amazon (affiliate link) - $28.00

New bedding from Wayfair (duvet cover, matching shams, and two pillows) - $142.99

Total: $328.52

I am extremely happy with how my room turned out, and I love how easy and inexpensive this project was. I am planning to paint the room grey, but that will have to wait for another weekend. When I get it done, I'll post a picture so that you can see the complete room.

Gina (aka East Coast Mommy)

PS... Since I originally posted this, we upgraded to a King-size bed (which I highly recommend!) Because of the new bed, I had to change the bedding, and I bought 4 frames (for $14 each) to use for photos above the bed. What do you think?


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