Simple Valentine's Day Door

I have a confession to make... before today, my Christmas wreath was still hanging on my front door, and my Christmas garland (covered with ornaments) was still surrounding it. So, rather than take it down, I thought I could change it up and transform the Christmas decor into Valentine's Day decor. Clever, right?

This is what my door looked like before.

This is what my door looks like now!

I replaced my Christmas ornaments with foam hearts from the dollar store. I also replaced my Christmas wreath with a felt heart wreath that I made for Valentine's Day. (You can get the instructions for my felt heart wreath here.)

What do you think of my Valentine's Day decor? I think it is pretty fun... and it lets me enjoy my Christmas decorations for another couple of weeks. Win-win!

Gina Bell
(aka East Coast Mommy)

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