Kindness Door for Valentine's Day

We live in a world where social media makes it easy for people (and kids) to be mean. So, as a mom, I am always trying to find simple ways for my boys to be kind. With this in mind, for Valentine's Day, our family created a "kindness door" in our front entryway.

I picked up a bunch of paper hearts at the dollar store, and everyone in our family wrote kind things about other family members on the hearts. Then, we used painters tape to attach them to our front door.

I love that my boys took the time to write kind things about their parents and brothers. I also think it is nice that they are able to read positive things about themselves every time they walk by the door.

I love our kindness door, and I think it makes a wonderful addition to our Valentine's Day decor.

Sometimes simple ideas are the best, and I think this kindness door is a fantastic way for our family to celebrate each other. Do you think you'll try this in your home? I hope you take this opportunity to embrace positivity this February 14.

Gina Bell
 (aka East Coast Mommy)


  1. Merci pour ce magnifique partage !!! bonne continuation

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