Christmas Tree Crafts (that kids will love)

The holiday season is always busy, so it's always nice to have some SIMPLE Christmas crafts to keep the kids entertained. The six Christmas tree crafts I am sharing today are perfect for Preschoolers, but older kids will love them too.

Making ornaments is a fun activity for children, and this popsicle stick tree ornament is glittery and cute. To craft this sweet little tree: paint popsicle sticks green and allow them to dry completely. Then, glue the sticks together, glue on a stump, and allow the glue to dry. Finish the ornament by adding a string hanger and decorating the tree with gem stickers.

This geometric tree is a fun way to explore shapes and colours with little ones. Create a tree by gluing colourful shapes onto a piece of cardstock. Cute, right?

This sticker tree is simple to make, and it is a great way to work on fine motor skills with kids. Draw a tree shape on a piece of paper, have the child colour the tree, and decorate the tree with stickers.

This Cheerios tree is another simple way to craft and work on fine motor skills with kids. Draw a tree, have the kids colour the tree, and decorate the tree with glue and Cheerios.

This toilet roll tree is fun because it can stand on its own. Draw a tree on card stock, cut it out, colour it, and decorate it with stickers. Then, cut slits in a piece of a toilet roll, and insert the tree.

The counting tree is a simple way to practice cutting and gluing. Cut the strips, glue them on, and decorate with stickers.

I love all six of these Christmas Tree crafts for the holidays, don't you? Do you have a favourite? The good news is that you don't have to choose. All these crafts are easy and require basic supplies, so it is totally doable to make them all with your kids this year. Happy crafting!

Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)

Bonus: Here's a fun Christmas tree craft for older kids. You can find the instructions for this felt Christmas tree ornament here.


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