Elf on the Shelf Bake Sale

How cute is this little Elf on the Shelf idea? This morning we woke up, and our little elf had created an adorable Elf on the Shelf bake sale. So crafty!

I love that our elf used a little box wrapped in wrapping paper. Then, he used two paper straws, some coloured paper and sharpies to make signs.

The donuts made from Cheerios, icing, and sprinkles are a lot of fun too!

Our Elf is taking a lesson from my boys who are always raising money for their favourite charity (Cystic Fibrosis... a disease that their cousin has). I love that our Elf on the Shelf is using fun treats to remind my boys that it is important to give back during the holiday season.

 (aka East Coast Mommy)

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