5 Ways to Get Happier by Simplifying your Life... and a chance to win a $100 prize pack

Recently, Schick Intuition surveyed some moms across Canada, and they found that there is a direct correlation between happiness and simplicity. Their research showed that happiness spikes when people take deliberate steps to make life more manageable and embrace a philosophy of voluntary simplicity. I am not surprised by the results, and today I am sharing 5 ways to simplify your life.

1) Make small changes - Small changes are the easiest to make, and they are mostly likely to become part of your lifestyle. e.g. Set up some over-the-door hooks for the kids to hang their backpacks on. It will become habit to hang up their backpacks on the way into the house, and you won't have need to trip over backpacks on the floor.

2) Get organized - Organization can be simple and inexpensive, and being organized will make you feel more in control and less stressed.  You can check out my favorite dollar store organization ideas here.

3) De-clutter - We all have too much "stuff", so take some time to get rid of the things you don't use. You can even get the kids involved and make a little extra money. Check out my tips for selling kids' gear here.

4) Use a family calendar - If you write all deadlines and activities down (in one place), you'll instantly feel like you have better control over the crazy schedules of all the people in your home. I use a spreadsheet on the inside of my cupboard, and I consult it several times a day. It's a simple idea that really reduces my stress.

5) Look for products that can help - Always be on the lookout for products that can simplify your life. e.g. Pre-cut vegetables can speed up a busy supper time prep, a bag clip can be used on a wrap to make eating easier for a child, or a 3-in-1 razor can help you have a quicker shower in the morning.  

Schick Intuition found that 8 in 10 moms look for these kinds of products and services because even small changes can help contribute to a simpler lifestyle. Simplifying little things in your life can make your overall routine easier and happier. 

Need more inspiration for simplifying your life? You can find some fantastic and clever ideas on the Schick Intuition Simplicity Curve Pinterest board, and by setting up your own Pinterest board, you will get a chance to win a $100 prize pack from Schick Intuition. I've set up my own board here.

Here's how you can set up your own Pinterest board for a chance to win a $100 prize pack:

Simplicity Curve: Pinterest Contest Outline

1) Follow @IntuitionCA on Pinterest.

2) Share what simplicity means to you! Create a board called “Simplicity Curve” and Pin your ideas using the hashtag #IntuitionSimplicityCurveContest.

3) For inspiration, visit @IntuitionCA’s Pinterest boards and re-pin if you like what you see.

4) Next, visit www.SimplicityCurve.ca where you can submit up to three URL links of your Simplicity Curve Pins. Submitting is easy; copy the link to your Pinned photo and paste into the submission form.

5) Each week, one entrant will win a #IntuitionSimplicityCurveContest prize pack valued at $100! The prize pack includes a $75 gift card and Schick Intuition shave products to help simplify your beauty routine. Happy Pinning!

How do you simplify your life?

Gina (aka East Coast Mommy)

Disclosure – I received compensation from Schick Intuition for writing this post and for sharing my honest opinion; however, (as always) the opinions on this blog are my own. #IntuitionSimplicityCurveContest

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