DIY Travel Journals

When we travel, I like my boys to fill out travel journals. When they were younger, they just scribbled and drew pictures, but now that they are older, they can actually use their journals to chronicle their adventures. Today, I am sharing the DIY Travel Journals I just made for our recent trip to Florida. I love that I was able to create CUSTOM Travel Journals for LESS than $2!

I started with basic composition books that I purchased for just $1 each.

Then, I designed simple 4X6 tags at I printed the tags (like regular 4X6 photos) for only $0.19 each at my local photo processing store.

I attached the tags to the journals using double-sided tape.

I was easily able to make six journals (for my boys and their cousins) for less than $8. Pretty fantastic, right?

The boys will also use double sided tape to add photos and ticket stubs to their books. I think these DIY travel journals make a fantastic keepsake, don't you? 

Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)

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