Sharpie Tinfoil Pendant

A few weeks ago I shared a cool technique that my boys and I used to create 3D Sharpie artwork. We enjoyed the project so much that I thought we could use a similar process to create Sharpie tinfoil pendants. These pendants can be used as necklace charms, keychains or backpack clips.

To make a Sharpie tinfoil pendant:

1) Cut a small (1 ½ inch) circle from an old cereal box. 
2) Cut a slightly bigger circle from tin foil. 
3) Draw a simple design on the cardboard, cover the outline of the design with glue and yarn, and set it aside to dry. 
4) Cover the dull side of the tin foil with a glue stick, wrap the tin foil around the cardboard containing the design, and secure the tinfoil with a piece of tape on the backside of the pendant.
5) Rub the tinfoil on the front of the pendant with a piece of felt to help the yarn design show through. 
6) Colour the design with Sharpies, and allow to dry.
7) Punch a hole in the top of the pendant, and add a pendant clasp. (These can be purchased inexpensively wherever craft supplies are sold, but a paper clip would work too.)

You could use a piece of yarn or ribbon, but I hung mine from a chain I had in my jewellery box. Cute, right?

I think this is a fantastic craft for kids of all ages. These Sharpie tinfoil pendants would make a fun homemade gift for Mother's Day too!

Gina (aka East Coast Mommy)


  1. Clever idea and a great opportunity for little ones to make gifts!

    1. I agree! My boys are always so proud of the things they make me. :-)

  2. Thanks for a cheap, easy and impressive idea for Mothers Day. Easy for teachers to do on a limited budget. Does gluing the yarn onto the cardboard take a lot of fine motor control? What age would this be suitable for?

    1. It's would be difficult for really small children. I would do the yarn part for younger kids. I would be easier on a bigger surface.

  3. Beautiful ... I love your blog full of great ideas , in fact I just signed up to your news if you want to do the same, it is a pleasure , good luck !

  4. i would have find a tuto like that in french - so creative !!!


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