Valentine's Day Cupcake Parfaits

A few weeks ago I shared some adorable cupcake parfaits that I made for my boys as an after school treat. They turned out so well that I knew I needed to make a fun version for Valentine's Day. How cute are these simple Valentine's Day cupcake parfaits that I made for my boys?

First, you'll need to start with your favourite cupcake recipe. I enjoy a good shortcut, so I always use my not-so-secret BEST CUPCAKES FROM A MIX recipe (which you can find on my blog here).

Then, add pink food coloring to store-bought icing, and pipe it onto the cupcakes.

Finish by filling dollar store plastic wine glasses with Valentine's Day candy and popping the cupcakes into the glasses. Add extra pieces of candy to the top, if desired.

These Valentine's Day cupcake parfaits are easy enough to make for dessert at home, but they would be impressive at a party too. Who would you make these cupcakes for? My three boys (and my husband) are always my special Valentines!

Gina (aka East Coast Mommy)

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