Hockey Party Loot Bags

The theme of my oldest son's 9th birthday was "hockey", and because I really dislike junky loot bags, I came up with a unique loot bag idea for his party.  We gave out personalized hockey card books.

I love that they are easy, inexpensive, fun, and USEFUL!

I bought a bunch of duotangs and filled them with plastic hockey card holder sheets.  Then, I made little personalized stickers for the front of each book.

I also made homemade hockey cards with wallet size photos of my son playing hockey.  I added his name and number (with, and I stuck each photo in a self-laminating sheet from the dollar store.

Cute, right?  Each guest of the party left with a gold medal and their very own hockey card book.

I love how these hockey party loot bags turned out.  Do you have a hockey fan in your house that would enjoy sharing these hockey card books with his/her friends?  I'll be sharing more DIY details from my son's hockey party soon!

Gina (aka East Coast Mommy)


  1. What a great idea! Much better than a bag of Dollar Store toys!

    1. I agree. I can't stand wasting money on loot bags full of junk. Hopefully, the party guests enjoyed their hockey card book. :-)

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  3. OMG EAST COAST MOMMY!! Another great idea!! I love your creative flare!!! Creative moms rock!!


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