5 DIY Playroom Projects

This time of year makes me want to get organized, and playrooms can be tough rooms to keep under control.  So, today I am sharing 5 DIY Playroom Projects that I absolutely love!  I have done these projects myself, and they are all easy, inexpensive, and totally cute.

1) Artwork display - Children's artwork deserves to be celebrated, and this DIY artwork display in my boys' playroom is adorable.  I decorated some clipboards (using the tutorial you can find here), and crafted some letters (using yarn and the technique you can find here).  I love it, don't you?

2) Stuffed animal bean bag chair - This project creates two things... storage and comfy seating.  Buy a bean bag chair cover, and fill it with stuffed animals.  That's it!  Don't you love how easy and practical this project is?

3) DIY artwork - I think a playroom should be decorated with artwork that means something to the children that play in it.  So, in my boys' playroom, I created some unique hockey card artwork (that you can read about here), my boys painted their own hockey jersey canvas art, and I framed pictures of the boys at Jedi Training Camp (from our trip to Disney).  Fun, right?

4) Toy bins - Every playroom needs a toy storage solution.  In our playroom, I created an entire wall of toy bins for my boys.  Each bin is labelled with a picture of its' contents.  (You can read all about our toy bin labels here.)

5) Book nook - Reading is an important part of childhood, so it is important for every playroom to have a display of books that are easily accessible.  I used IKEA spice racks to create this little book nook for my boys (which you can read about in detail here).  I also took a photo of a page in one of our favorite books, added a quote from the book with Picmonkey.com, and framed the picture.  I think the DIY artwork adds a little extra fun to the space, don't you?

All of these DIY playroom projects are easy, inexpensive, and guaranteed to help you transform your current playroom into a fabulous space in your home.  Do you have a favorite DIY playroom project?  I'd love to hear all about it.

Gina (aka East Coast Mommy)

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