12 Months of Handprint Art

I love handprint art, don't you?  I think artwork created from little handprints is adorable, and the finished products make fantastic keepsakes.  Today, I am sharing 12 months worth of handprint art ideas.

So.... do you want to make these masterpieces with your child?  Just use handprints and palm prints to create the basic shapes, and then add details with markers (where necessary).  Here is the breakdown by month:

January - snowflake
February - heart
March - leprechaun
April - umbrella
May - flowers
June - butterfly
July - fish
August - sun
September - apple
October - pumpkin
November - poppy
December - Santa

The artwork pictured above was created by my six year old, and his teacher turned it into a calendar that he gave to my husband and I for Christmas.  I absolutely love it!  Which one is your favorite?

Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)

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