7 Unique Valentines {for kids to share}

My boys love giving Valentines to their friends, but I am never really happy with the store bought cards.  I have always tried to come up with fun and unique Valentine ideas, and today I am sharing 7 unique Valentines we have made.  {Click on the links for additional details.}

1) Teddy Bear Treats - Bag up some teddy bear crackers, and add adorable "I am beary happy to have a friend like you" gift tags. And you can find another fun "BEARY" tag option here.

2) Cookie Pops - Make cookie pops or other yummy treats, and add notes that say "someone thinks you are really sweet".

3) Star Wars Valentines - Create adorable and unique picture valentines with glow stick light sabres.

4) Bookmark Valentines - Make DIY bookmarks for kids to share with their friends.

5) Berry Treats - Add "I am berry happy to have a friend like you" tags to a bags of candy (or real) berries.

6) Photo Valentines - Take a picture in front of a dollar store tablecloth backdrop and add suckers to each photo.  You can also add other treats to photo Valentines.  You can find some fun options here.

7) Crayon Valentines - Recycle some old, broken crayons into totally cute Valentines.

Which is your favorite?  Do you have a unique Valentine idea or do you prefer to go with a store bought Valentine?

Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)

*PS... If you are concerned about sugar and allergies, you can check out 10 {easy and inexpensive} CANDY FREE options HERE.


  1. Hi there! Stopping by from The 36th Ave link party. Had to come check out your super-cute valentine ideas. Have pinned! Adorable!!

  2. What adorable Valentine ideas! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!!

  3. Cute ideas. We did rocks and "you rock" last year, still haven't decided about this year.


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