10 Halloween Class Party Treats

My boys love bringing treats for their classmates.  Sometimes the treats are edible, and sometimes they aren't, but they are always easy, inexpensive and fun.  Here are 10 of our favorite Halloween Class Party Treats.

1)  Mummy wrapped treats - Use cheese cloth and googly eyes to transform boring treats into something spooky and special.

2)  Graham cracker bandaids - Cut up some graham crackers, add some white frosting for gauze, and finished with a smear of red gel icing blood. Simple, fun... and a little gross!

3)  Treat bags with special tags - Make traditional treat bags extra special by adding a customized tag.  Click here to find out how I transformed pictures of my boys to make these tags.

4)  Googly eye glasses - These googly eye glasses make great alternatives to candy.  You can find the full "how to" and a free downloadable bag topper here.

5)  Cookies with candy corn or candy eyeballs - For a simple treat, make your favorite cookie recipe, and add a piece of candy corn to the top.  It doesn't get any easier than this! You can find the recipe for our favorite Halloween cookie here.

6)  Photos with treats - For another candy free treat, try pairing pictures with little toys or pencils.  You can find the full tutorial here.

7)  Ghost Pops - Ghosts are always fun for Halloween, and we have two favorite ghost treats.  To learn how to make our Oreo Ghost Pops, click here.  To make the sucker ghosts: cover a sucker with a piece of tissue paper, secure with an elastic, and add a face with googly eyes and a marker.

8)  Cupcakes with rings - To make these simple cupcakes, just bake mini cupcakes and insert a plastic ring (after washing, of course).

9)  Wormy cupcakes - These are an annual favorite around here.  Bake cupcakes, frost with chocolate icing, dip in dirt (Oreo cookie crumbs), and insert some gummy worms.

10) Cookie pops - To make super-easy cookie pops, just add some sticks to some "ready to bake" cookies.  Isn't everything more fun on a stick?

Bonus.... How about a few "eyeball" treats?  You can find the full instructions for this eyeball cake here and the Halloween candy bark here.

What is your favorite class party treat?  Did it make my list?

Gina (aka East Coast Mommy)

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PS... Don't forget the teacher.  Click HERE for all the cute DIY details of this cute teacher treat!

AND... you can find OVER 50 more Halloween ideas here. I LOVE the mummy door and the pumpkin prize punch!


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